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7 Tips to Prepare for your Newborn Photo Session

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You just welcomed a new member to the family! That means it is time for some adorable newborn photos! 

As cute as babies can be, they aren’t always the best models. Sometimes, it can be a little difficult to photograph your little one. That’s why we wanted to share our top seven tips for parents for a successful newborn photo session!

1 - Keep your baby awake before the session

It’s no secret that infants sleep a lot. But sometimes, their sleep patterns don’t cooperate with our plans. If you want your little one sacked out during the photo session, so you can get those adorable sleepy newborn poses, keep them up for a while before your session.

2 - Location

To make sure everyone is comfortable, I recommend, if is possible, photograph in your home. The baby already knows the location, plus you have everything you need there. You might be panicking already. But don’t worry! I have seen countless houses post-baby so I understand that life will be a little crazy. 

3 - Feed your baby 20-30 minutes before your session

Newborns are some of the hungriest creatures on this Earth. You don’t want their photo session disrupted by their frantic cries for milk. Feeding and burping your infant right before your newborn photo session begins means less crying, better sleep and relaxed parents.

Avoid giving them a full meal in the one to two hours before your session. If they seem hungry, try to give them a small snack to get them through. Then, slightly before your session, you can feed them a full meal and expect a happy, tired baby in return.

4. Undress to Impress

Before the session, change your baby’s diaper into a loose clean diaper and swaddle them. Undressing them beforehand is a timesaver. It also means you won’t disrupt their sleep cycle by trying to get their onesie off. A loose diaper is best because it will avoid creating diaper marks around their waist.

5. Family Photos & Pet Appearances

If you have other children, remind them to try to stay calm and quiet when they are not in the photos to keep the newborn happy. 

If you want a photo with pets, make sure someone always has a hold on the pets during the photo session. Animals can change emotion quickly and we want everyone to stay safe and happy while we capture adorable best friend photos.

Be vocal about any pain (like from a C-section) so we can better assist you with setup and posing. Again, never be embarrassed about saying too much.

6. What to Wear

The last thing on your mind is probably what you need to wear during the photos session, but we have outfits tips for parents for a successful newborn photo session, too! 

Try to keep your clothing simple, without busy patterns and logos. Soft, neutral fabrics are flattering and don’t distract from what the baby is or isn’t wearing.

Wear neutral colors like creams, mild tones, and soft hues for intimate portraits.

It’s best to avoid chunky jewelry and watches, which can be distracting elements and will look dated years from now. Strive for timeless photos that will be staples in your home for decades to come.

7. Relax and watch

As a mother, you may have that innate urge to pick your child up with every grunt they make, and it can be hard to see someone else handling them. This is why it’s important to find a professional newborn photographer with experience and positive reviews.

Also, try not to stress if your tot is being fussy. Babies can feel their mama’s stress or tension, so if you’re calm, your infant may relax too.

A few other things you should keep in mind when it comes to your baby’s newborn session are:

• To prepare for fussy moments, you’ll want to have a few things ready — a pacifier, a bottle of formula/breastmilk, a swaddling blanket, and a few clean diapers. 

• Keep extra wipes and trash bags nearby for quick cleanups.

• If there is something in particular you want to include in your newborn photo session, let me know.

• Try to keep the volume down to maintain a calm environment. When you get overwhelmed, you and your baby can both feel it. Staying relaxed and quiet will ensure a calm atmosphere.

Babies are pretty unpredictable adorable! But hopefully these suggestions help you feel prepared and comfortable for your upcoming photo date. If you are still unsure about something, just ask! I’m always here to help. 

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7 Tips to Prepare for your Newborn Photo Session

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