mini session

April 13th and 20th, Saturday

In the quiet corners of your home, where love resides and memories are made, let's capture the essence of motherhood this Mother's Day. Together, we'll create timeless portraits that reflect the love, warmth, and beauty of your family. 🌸

Amidst the simplicity of white, lies the profound beauty of motherhood. This Mother's Day, let's celebrate the cherished moments, the gentle touches, and the unconditional love that fill your heart and home. 💐💕


. 30-minute session in-home photoshoot

. Your choice of 10 High-Resolution Digital Images

. Online gallery of 20+ images available for you to view and select your 10 favorite photos (not downloadable)

. Up to 2 Siblings are allowed in this session, more than two has an extra charge ($50 extra per sibling)

. Locations must be within a 15-mile radius from 34714.



$50 reservation fee

$195 due on the day of your session

- Entire edited gallery and additional digital images can be purchase separately.

- I will send non-edited photos in 5 days with watermark for you to choose them.

- The photos that you decide on will be sent edited in 5 days after your final selection. 

Text or e-mail me directly: (303) 472.0696 -

Please read the entire description prior to reserving a spot.


Q: Where will the session be held?

Mom and Me mini sessions are designed to capture the beautiful bond between mothers and their children and from my experience, children often feel more comfortable and at ease during photo sessions when they're in the familiar surroundings of their own home. Being in a familiar environment can help them feel relaxed and natural, which often leads to more genuine and candid moments captured in the photos.

I typically utilize a small portable studio setup with a white backdrop that can be easily arranged in your living room. All I'll need is a bit of space in your living room (or another space in the house that you prefer) to set up my equipment and create the perfect backdrop for our session. 

If you have any specific preferences or concerns about the setup, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'm here to make sure that you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the session.

Q: Can we include my mother (children's grandmother) in our session?

To ensure that we have ample time to capture beautiful portraits of everyone involved, I kindly request that we schedule and pay for two consecutive sessions. This will allow us to dedicate sufficient time and attention to each group, ensuring that we capture the moments you'll cherish forever.

Q: Can we have longer than 30 minutes to take our pictures?

Our standard mini session duration is 30 minutes, which allows us to capture a variety of beautiful moments within a focused timeframe. However, if you feel that you would like more time for your session to ensure we capture all the moments you desire, I'm more than happy to accommodate your request. In such cases where the session exceeds 30 minutes, there will be an additional charge equivalent to booking a second session. This ensures that we have enough time to capture all the moments you envision without rushing and allows us to maintain the high quality and attention to detail that you expect from our sessions.

Q: Can my child and I change more than one outfit?

Each session is 30 minutes so we can do as much as you’d like in that time. The 30 minutes includes the time it takes to change outfit.

Q: Can I incorporate my own decoration items into the scenario?

I'll be bringing along a simple and elegant white backdrop that provides a clean and timeless backdrop for our photos. This minimalist approach allows the focus to remain on the special bond between you and your child, creating classic and timeless portraits.

However, I also want to offer you the opportunity to incorporate your own decor or personal touches into the session if you wish. Whether it's a favorite blanket, a special piece of furniture, or any other meaningful items that you'd like to include, feel free to bring them along. These personal touches can add an extra layer of warmth and personality to the photos, making them even more special and unique to your family.

Ultimately, my goal is to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for you and your child, resulting in photos that you'll cherish for years to come. Please let me know if you have any specific preferences or ideas for the session, and I'll do my best to accommodate them.